Are you getting ready to take the Compulsory Basic Training test? This means you are about to become a two-wheel vehicle rider. It isn’t as dangerous as it used to be considering that the technology for safety helmets and clothing has greatly improved; however, don’t forget that there are still other drivers, riders and pedestrians sharing the road with you.

A CBT test is designed with your safety in mind. It has 5 sections that focus on both riding theory and road safety skills. If you want to successfully pass, you should learn what each of these things are in detail when preparing for a CBT test.

The CBT Exam

The exam takes place over the course of a day, and it entails the following five sections:

�ï�€�¬ The Introduction and eye exam
�ï�€�¬ On site training
�ï�€�¬ On site riding
�ï�€�¬ On road training
�ï�€�¬ On road riding…