I Couldn’t Beat the Heat

For a time, I thought I could live without a working air conditioner, but eventually I caved and had an AC installation in Queens. Years ago, my air conditioner broke, and I didn’t bother to get it fixed. I didn’t like paying for the extra energy to run it in the summer, and I thought that it was unnecessary, and that I could just keep myself cool with fans, water, and ice. This way of thinking made every summer like living on the sun. I would dread looking at the weather report, because it would mean another hot day that I couldn’t stand.

I was able to last for a while, as there were some days when the temperature wasn’t that bad, but on some days, the temperature climbed to nearly 100 degrees in my home. Running every fan imaginable wouldn’t have done anything to combat those temperatures, because only the same hot air would have been circulating around my home, and blowing in air from outdoors would have only resulted in the same. At best, all I could really do is blow out hot air, squirt water on my face, and put some ice behind a fan and let cool air blow on me for as long as the ice stayed solid. The ice didn’t really last that long in the summer heat.

When I finally decided to pay someone to install a new air conditioner, I looked for a company to do it as fast as I could. I wasn’t too concerned about the price, just as long as they could do a good job on the installation. Fortune smiled in my favor, as I was able to find a company that gave me a good deal on the installation. I’ll never go without an air conditioner again for as long as I live.